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Volunteering as a mentor provides the opportunity to assist women who are seeking career and educational guidance. The Education Network provides mentor information packs and guidelines for the mentoring process. The mentoring commitment is entirely at your convenience, and can be adapted to suit your preferences.
CV Assistance
Volunteering with our CV assistance service provides the opportunity to assist women with structuring, drafting, and styling their resume to submit to potential employers.
Volunteering with Partner Organisations
The Education Network partners with a range of fantastic organisations in a broad range of fields. If you are interested in other volunteering opportunities and would like further information, we are able to connect you with our partners.
Community Presentations
We are always seeking volunteers who might be interested in either presenting at community events, or assisting with the logistics of these events on the day.
Please select areas you would like to volunteer in, or would like more information on:
Please tell us a bit about yourself and any extra information we can provide, or questions you might have!